Get Affiliates to earn me $5K/month Selling SEO Services within 2 Months

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About the Case Study Publisher

Called as: Sabahat Ali

Skill Level: Expert

Area of Expertise: SEO, Affiliate Marketing etc.

Earning / Month: $12000 – $18000 / month

Short Bio: I started my career as SEO writer from 2008. After that I had an opportunity to manage various in-house projects in two of the most popular digital marketing firms. In 2012, I established my own Digital Marketing firm called Business Rankers. I have gone through years experience of SEO in fighting various Google Updates including Penguin & Panda.

Why Publishing a Case Study?:  To keep myself motivated!    Don’t have Enough Funds!    Just to test my ideas without burning money!    To Earn (additionally) from Case Study itself!    To Brag about my Achievement!

Case Study - Details

Type of Case Study:      Immature     Partially Mature     Mature

Broader Niche Market: Digital Marketing, Link Building Services

Method of Monetization: Selling Guest Posts & Niche Edits

Plans & Method: My plan is to request webmasters of different blogs that accept Guest Post / Sponsored Post to work for me as an Affiliate for my Guest Post and Niche Edit services. We are focusing them because they are daily getting offers and proposal for sponsored post or niche edit. They will divert those offers to our service particularly those who have done business with them. Instead of direct selling they will entice them to generate a lead in exchange of some competitive backlinks report offering guest post and niche edit opportunity already acquired by the top 10 competitors in SERP. For each sale in future, we offer 20% life-time commission to our affiliates.

Steps taken so far: I have created some email templates that we’ll give to the webmasters to divert leads to our website (https://outreach.solutions). We have already been using a service provider panel that offers a Affiliate System suiting our needs.

Objective :

To get at least 3-5 new recurring clients per month and earn $5K /month as revenue from this method within 2-3 months.

Comment Thread Update Interval: Weekly

Estimated Timeline to Finish Case Study: 2-3 Months

Case Study – Data & Information


The data and information to be shared publicly in post and comment thread.

              • Secret behind grabbing clients using Webmasters as Affiliates
              • Periodic Updates about Leads, Sales & Conversions
              • Periodic Updates about Success with Affiliate Recruitment
              • Any Failure & Mishaps occurred


The data and information not to be shared to anyone in any cost.

              • List of Blog Owners we contact to become our Affiliates
              • List of Leads / Clients referred to us by Affiliates


The data and information to be shared with those who is going to fund this case study.

              • The email templates we offer to webmasters to grab leads.
              • The factors to identify an Agency that we tell webmasters to target to make them our long term clients.
              • The easy strategy based on Ahrefs tool that we use to provide them Guest Posting / Niche Edit opportunities already acquired by the top 10 competitors in SERP for their important keywords.

Funding Cost: $19

Fund this Case Study to Reveal its Premium Data!

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